Meet Silver Leader, Jeannie Jett

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I’m an Oily Girl tried and true.   I live in beautiful Whitesburg, Tennessee with my two daughters and husband, Paul.   I was introduced to Young Living in November 2014 by my fabulous friend and Oily Sisterhood founder, Dr. Edie Wadsworth.

Essential Oils have totally revolutionized my family’s health! For me personally the results have been nothing short of astonishing. Essential Oils have taken me on an incredible journey of empowering me to regain control over my own health. My family has never been so HEALTHY! Yay! It is a wonderful feeling to feel prepared that these little gifts from God can help my family with all the common health/seasonal problems my family would have. YES- THERE IS AN OIL FOR EVERYTHING! I keep my oils with me everywhere I go. Sometimes, I’ve even been known to carry them with me from room to room in my house. Yes, there is an oil to help me with that problem too- I just chose not to use it!

Having worked in the medical field and having a physician husband, I was pretty skeptical of Essential Oils. But what I’ve learned through research has completely validated why they work so incredibly well. In fact, I’m pretty darn mad that it took so long for me to find out about them. I find myself wishing I was still in practice just so I could do research on them! One of the most surprising things I found about the oils is their incredible ability to QUICKLY pass (through inhalation) to the limbic system of the brain where our emotional and hormonal centers are located. This explains why everyone I know that uses Essential Oils and myself included are soooooo much happier!

Probably, the thing I’m most in awe of is how these little drops of love were actually created. I have developed a whole new appreciation of the complexity of God’s work on Day 3 of creation. The Biblical basis and chemistry of Essential Oils is nothing short of amazing. Did I say “amazing” cause I really mean “AAA-MAA-ZING”! Essential Oils most definitely reflect the intelligence of their Creator! The symbolism and the properties of all the oils mentioned in the Bible will blow your mind, especially when you line it up to Scripture! God is the author of all healing, so it’s should not surprise us that he created something to help us stay well!

Even though I’m crazy about these oils, I am so much crazier about the one who made them! I have come to realize that God didn’t just bless our world when he equipped physicians and researchers back in the 16-18th century leading to what we now know as Modern Western Medicine. He blessed us before he even created us! My favorite class to teach is “Oils of the Bible” and reminding others to get back to the basics of “prayer first” with all of our health and wellness concerns. My family has learned this important lesson and we have found a wonderful balance between Western Medicine and Essential Oils.

Hope you enjoy our Oily Sisterhood website and I pray you are richly blessed along your journey with Essential Oils!

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We now have over 900 people in our awesome group and I’m always learning and  teaching new on new topics every month so you will have a supportive group to help you get started!

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