Our passion is teaching and inspiring. We love to teach other women (and men!) what we’re learning so it remains our focus every month to bring new people to the awareness of the amazing power of essential oils, nutrition, and supplements to heal us and keep us well! We’d be honored to have you at one of our classes!

April Promos & Classes


  • April 3rd, Getting Started with Essential Oils, Ramsey House Furniture in White Pine 6pm, call to reserve your spot.
  • April 7th, Live Your Passion RALLY, online in the sisterhood April 7th at 11am Eastern
  • April, in the sisterhood, YL Supplements mini class that goes all month long with one post per day
  • April 16th with Dr. Edie at Heskett’s Chiropractic, Natural Hormone Balance, Girl’s Night Out, Everyone welcome, please call their office to RSVP.  423-581-5519
  • April 17th EO 101 & Business class in Maryville at 6pm at Blount Community Church, Email Gina ( if you would like to attend.

March Promos & Classes


  • March 20th, Essential Oils Biz Class in Maryville at 6pm at Blount Community Church, Email Gina ( if you would like to attend.
  • March 23rd at Gracewell, noon, with Dr. Edie (more details about signing up coming)

January Promos & Classes

January2017 Promos

  • January 9th, Winter Wellness & Essential Oil Basics with Dr. Edie & Jennifer Lowe, Tuesday, 6pm, Click here for more info! Email Dr. Edie if you would like to attend.
  • January 11th, Essential Oils with Dr. Edie in Sevierville at 6pm, Email Dr. Edie if you would like to attend.
  • January 23 & 24th Online Webinar with Dr. Edie, Essential Oils &
  • January 29th, Emotional Health, Marriage, & Intimacy: What is Keeping Us Stuck & How to Find Joy! Class space limited, registration will open January 15, watch for the link in the Facebook group!

December Promos & Classes


  • December 4th, Essential Oil Basics with Dr. Edie & Jeannie Jett 6pm,  26430 PRESTON PLACE DRIVE ABINGDON, VA.
  • December 12th Sevierville, Balancing Mood & Hormones Naturally, event will be live streamed into our sisterhood Facebook group if possible, Mom’s Vintage Kitchen in Sevierville at 6pm, text Dr. Edie at 423-312-4059 for availability.
  • December 30th Goal Setting Workshop with Dr. Edie, Event brite sign up coming! Only 30 spots!

November Promos & Classes


check with your local leaders for classes!

  • November 2nd, Remake Your Gym Bag with Essential Oils 6pm at the Crossfit Gym in Jefferson City

October Promos & Classes


Coming soon….

September Promos & Classes


  • September 5th, Essential Oil Basics & Fall & Winter Wellness with Dr. Edie.  At Gracewell & CO at 6pm, event will be live streamed into our sisterhood Facebook group.  Bring a snack/appetizer to share and make sure you are registered.  Edited to add: Class is currently full, contact Dr.Edie to be put on the waitlist.
  • September 5th, Tips for Growing Your YL Biz this Fall, 5:15 with Dr. Edie at Gracewell & CO.
  • More classes coming soon.

August Promos & Classes


  • August 3rd, Facebook Class, Essential Oils for Mamas & Teachers, join by clicking here!
  • August 3rd, Dr. Cupp, Essential Oils 101, at Gracewell & CO, by invitation only.
  • August 17th, Dr. Edie, new class lecture on GUT HEALTH & Why It Matters So Much!!, Gracewell and Co, must RVSP via the sign up sheet in the sisterhood FB group OR text 423-312-4059.
  • August 22nd, Balancing Hormones the Natural Way with Dr. Edie, location TBD, you will need to RSVP to save a spot.  Sign up sheet posted soon.
  • August 24th Tammy Belcher, Essential Oils 101 Gracewell & Co, 6pm, invitation only
  • August 18th Sharon Conway, Gracewell & Co, private class.
  • August 29th Robin Estes, Essential Oils 101, private classs
  • August 31st, Business Class, Gracewell & Co with Dr. Edie 6pm, see the sign up sheet later this month in the Abundance FB group

July Classes and Promos


  • July 6th, Essential Oils 101, Stacie Winstead, at Gracewell & CO
  • July 8th, Live Your Passion Rally, virtual 11-1 in the lifeingraceessentials FB group
  • July 10th, Introduction to the Business, Shawna McConnell, Maryville, please text for more info, 423-312-4059.
  • July 11th,Essential Oils 101 and EO’s for Hormones & Mood
    Jeannie Jett and Edie Wadsworth at Gracewell & CO at 6pm.  Text to reserve a spot.  423-312-4059.
  • July 12th, Essential Oils 101 with Dr. Edie at 5:30 and new products at 6:30!! Come see and sample the makeup and all the new products!!!! Text or comment on the post in the Sisterhood to reserve a spot.
  • July 13th, GIRLS NIGHT, Candace Crabtree, at Gracewell & CO,  6pm, class is invitation only
  • July 17th, Essential Oils 101, Dr. Edie & Shawna McConnell in Maryville, text for more info 423-312-4059
  • July 18th, Essential Oils 101, Jeanie Daniels at Gracewell & CO at 6pm, invitation only
  • July 20th, Essential Oils 101, Tammy Belcher at Gracewell & CO at 6pm, invitation only
  • July 25th, Toxin Free Living, Jeannie Jett & Edie Wadsworth, text to see if there is availability, 423-312-4059.
  • July 27th, Oils 101, Kelly Lynam & Candace Crabtree at Gracewell & CO at 6pm, private class, invitation only.

June Promos & Classes


  • June 6th, Essential Oils 101 Dr. Edie & Peyton Camera & Shawna McConnell, Maryville, TN

May Promos & Classes


  • May 1st, Essential Oils 101 Jeannie Jett and Dr. Edie, Greenville TN
  • May 6th, Healing Oils of the Bible, 5pm, Kerry Cox and Dr. Edie in Clinton.
  • May 11th,  Essential Oils 101, Candace Crabtree & Dr. Edie in Jefferson City
  • May 15th, Essential Oils 101 with Dr. Edie, Rogersville,  contact Edie for more info (
  • May 16, Essential Oils 101, 5:30 at the Creek in Jefferson City
  • May 16th,  Essential Oils 101 6:30, Brook Roberts & Candace Crabtree, Morristown TN
  • May 20th 11am  Essential Oils 101 Jersey Girl, Morristown with Jeannie Jett & Dr. Edie
  • May 22nd, Hormones & Emotions, Kathryn Elliot & Dr. Edie, Morristown
  • May 23th, Hormones & Emotional Health with Essential Oils, Dr.  Edie webinar

February  Classes & Promos



  • February 1st, Webinar with the NESTER!!!  8pm eastern.  Register here!
  • February 2ndWebinar with the NESTER!!!  11am  eastern.  Register here!
  • February 2nd, Toxin Free Home, Alyson Susong, White Pine, TN. Email for directions,
  • February 10th 10am, Facebook Live with Dr. Edie at Lifeingrace FB page Emotions, Hormones, and Balancing the Beautiful Gift of Being a Wife & Woman
  • February 18th Business Class & Appreciation Luncheon Supplements and Oils You Need to Boost Your Life & Biz in 2017, 12-3 with Dr. Edie and a SURPRISE GUEST, at Denise Voccola’s home,  Lunch and LOTS OF INSPIRATION provided!!
  • February 20th 8pm Facebook Class on Emotions and Essential Oils, lead by Denise Voccola and Kelly Lynam, featuring several Sisterhood leaders! Click here to be added!
  • February 21st, Hormones & Mood, with Tammy Belcher and Dr. Edie, The Creek, Jefferson City, 6pm.
  • February 25th, 11 am, Essential Oils 101, Jeannie Jett, location to be determined.  Call for more info.  423-736-1847
  • February 27th, 6pm Essential Oils 101, Beaver Dam Baptist Church with Dr. Edie & Jeannie Jett & Robin Estes
  • March 3rd Friday 11am Business Class at Edie’s, Supplements
  • March 6th, Healing Oils of the Bible, 6pm, White Pine Community Center, with Jeannie Jett and Dr. Edie. Call for 423-736-1847