Money & Time Freedom

So, here’s the deal.

None of us who join Young Living (or at least hardly any of us) want to have anything to do with selling. In fact, I was very turned off by the fact that Young Living is a network marketing company. That is, until I realized that I network market all the time.

I tell people about my favorite chicken stock so much that my grocery store is often out of it, but that company never pays me to talk about how good their chicken broth is.

We are always recommending things we love and Young Living is very generous to reward us when we do that. If you find that you can’t stop talking about our products, we’d love to add you to our business FB group or our bootcamp!

I LOVE working at this business because that means I get to help my friends and family find incredible wellness AND? I’ve been doing this less than a year and am very close to replacing my income as physician. And with network marketing, the sky is the limit. This company, both the products and the business and have changed my life forever.

They’ve given me freedom like I never imagined. I’m currently at Platinum rank, where the average income is $14,000 PER MONTH. Pinch me.

I want the same for you.

If you want to find a purposeful way to gain freedom in your schedule and in your finances, I’d love to help you do it.

I’m a currently at the ranking of Diamond and I have 3 Golds and 1 getting close to platinum. I have 20 Silvers and they all are working at this VERY part time (and making on average $2,000 per month!!).  I have 40 Executives and YOU COULD BE THE NEXT ONE!!!

Just email me at and I can add you to my private mini course on how I got started with the product and the business. I tell you everything, including how much income I made at every step.

You won’t believe what’s possible!!