Meet Gretchen Cooley

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Hello and welcome! My name is Gretchen Cooley and I live in The Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA with my husband and our two sons. I began my journey with Young Living Essential Oils in February 2015. My only regret? Waiting so long to begin!

I had heard about these little “miracle bottles” and how wonderful they were and how much they were helping people in so many areas. I was skeptical but also intrigued.

Here’s a little back story…

At the time I had first heard about essential oils my family and I were about 3 years into a pretty devastating diagnosis for our oldest son. After many, many doctors/specialist’s appointments, referrals, tests, and paperwork our son was being diagnosed with several mental health diseases. We were watching our son’s personality and capabilities change, shift, and disappear. We were heartbroken and scared.

On top of these new diagnoses our son also suffers from many food and environmental allergies, frequent headaches and migraines, and a weakened immune system. We were desperate to help our son. We wanted him to feel better and have overall healing. We met with many different specialists who were all coming at these issues from their own unique perspective and area of training and expertise. We were prescribed and tried different therapies, diets, vitamin regiments, and medications. All of these were very time consuming and expensive. Nothing was working and our son was actually declining.

At this point we didn’t want to give up hope for our son but we didn’t know what other options there were to try. It was right about this time that Dr. Edie Wadsworth decided to share, on her blog (of which I had been a long time reader) how she had started using Young Living Essential Oils several months earlier and fell in love with them and was ready to share her passion and knowledge of these oils with anyone who would listen! Well, I was ready to listen!

I signed up under Edie’s leadership and I never looked back! My son’s therapist was HUGELY skeptical about these oils and how they were really going to help. Well…she recently admitted that she never would have believed the changes she was seeing had she not witnessed it with her own two eyes! WE HAVE OUR SON BACK!!! When I look back I don’t know if he really ever knew what it felt like to feel good, even just ok. Now he is back to laughing and talking, participating in activities, engaging with people, exploring interests, doing well in his schooling, and living and loving life!

Of course my whole family has hugely benefitted from the use of Young Living Essential Oils and all of their other wonderful products. Our house is cleaner and everyday more toxins are leaving and being replaced with all natural products. We are sleeping better, we have more energy, we have less headaches, we experience fewer illnesses (and when we do get sick it doesn’t last nearly as long), and we just feel better overall!

I want you and your family and friends to experience the benefits these oils can afford you! They are nothing short of amazing. All you have to do is get them into your hands, into your home, and into your EVERYDAY life and I know you will be so happy you took this next step in your health and wellness!

Are you ready?  Here’s what you need to do next!



  • 1.  Click here to begin the enrollment process. It’s super easy!
  • 2.  Wholesale Member will already be selected. Again, this is the wholesale membership…with NO strings attached. It is AMAZING! If you select “Retail Customer” you will not receive wholesale pricing, you won’t have access to starter kits and you will pay retail cost which is 24% more than wholesale.
  • 3. Make sure my member number {2510549} is in both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID spots.
  • 4. PLEASE be sure to include your email address. If you don’t, I have no way to invite you to our Facebook support groups and I can’t support you as you begin your journey with essential oils. I love this FB page and am on there a lot learning more and more everyday how people are using and having success with the oils.
  • 5. Choose the kit you want. {I highly recommend the PREMIUM KIT.} It’s the first kit you see when you are signing up.
  • I highly recommend choosing an essential rewards kit. I get free stuff every month by being on this program.  AND reduced shipping. And I can change the contents and date of my autoship every month.  There’s a $50 monthly minimum, which I easily spend in replacements oils, supplements, toothpaste, etc and you can opt out at any time.  (I would personally choose the Ningxia Red kit or the Thieves kit but call or email me if you have questions! You can also skip this for now and come back to it later.
  • 6. That’s it! Your oils will be on their way to your doorstep!


We now have almost 900 people in our awesome group and I’m always learning and  teaching new on new topics every month so you will have a supportive group to help you get started!

#1-2 Embrace Wellness


Why Should I Become A Wholesale Member?

This is the way to get your oils at 24% off retail price! Always awesome to get this discount. As you use the oils and you share your testimonials with friends and family, you have the OPTION {100% OPTIONAL!} of earning commissions when others join and purchase Young Living oils. There is NEVER any obligation to buy a certain amount or ever share YL with others. Never!! Win-win!

Is there a monthly order minimum?

No. You can just order what you need when you need it! LOVE THIS!

I just really want to use oils myself. Do I ever have to sell Young Living products?

This is fine! There is NO obligation at all to sell oils when you join as a wholesale member. However, if you ever change your mind, you can jump right in and the sky is the limit. I personally choose to just share it online or with friends who ask me about it first. It is a no-pressure kind of thing, and I will not lie… the monthly check is love.lyyyyy!

Are you sure there are no monthly order requirements?

There is NO, zilch, zero, REQUIREMENT.  To retain an active ‘wholesale member’ account, you have to place one 50PV {approx. $50} minimum order per year. If you miss that deadline, you can reactivate your account by calling Young Living Customer Care with a 100PV (point volume) order. Sometimes, as a promotion, they even waive this minimum order requirement to reactivate. But again, this is just to keep, what YL calls, “active status.”

If someone wants to join Young Living through me, what do I give them?

Just give them your member number and tell them to go to and  put your number in as “sponsor” and “enroller” and then they get also get a wholesale membership with a premium starter kit.  They will have access to the support of my Facebook groups just like you do! It’s a wonderful way to get started with Young Living!

Is there a way to save even more money? 

Yes! The Essential Rewards program offers reduced shipping, generous credit for free oils & more!  Plus each month there are great promotions for free oils when you place an Essential Rewards order. I did not do this when I started, but now I do because it works for me! Plus, I love free stuff, and I am getting plenty of it.

What is the catch?

There is none. Period. To be clear, again, I do make a commission from the company when you make your purchase. That motivates me to share, of course, but the main reason I share Young Living oils is because I love them, they work and they have blessed our family. Thank you for enrolling as a ‘wholesale member’ via my links!