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My oily routine changes all the time depending of what’s going on in my life. But it’s one of my favorite things to read about other people’s journey so I thought it’d be fun to share. Right now, I’m in a stressful season of work/travel/book editing so I’m hyper vigilant about strengthening my immune system and balancing my (often CRAZY) hormones.

7am—2 drops each of Frankincense, Myrrh, & Patchouli on my face right underneath my favorite YL moisturizer (Sheerlume) for the absolute most amazing skin care routine.  Who knew that skin care could boost your immunity and your skin health and your mood!

Our skin care will knock your socks off!  I’ve had such good results with it that I stopped wearing foundation.  A to the men!


7:30—I used 5 drops of Sacred Frankincense (everything balance) & 5 drops of Sclaressence (hormone balance) in a clear vegetable capsule by mouth to start the day off right.  I just finished traveling so I’m still doing my super immune boosting routine of a drop of Thieves oil in the roof of my mouth and on the bottoms of my feet (You have large pores on the bottoms of your feet that absorb the oils systemically really well) along with 2 drops of Clove and 2 drops of Oregano in a  capsule by mouth because they both have very high antioxidant and immune supporting properties.  Finished the morning routine with a couple of drops of lemon oil in water.

8am—Prior to my run, Peppermint under my nose for respiratory support and Wintergreen and Copaiba on my inner ankles to support my chronic shin splints,  my custom joyful mood blend of equal parts Joy: Ylang Ylang: Bergamot: Jade Lemon. I put it in a roller ball and roll it over my heart, wrists, and on really tough days on the bottoms of my feet!  Then I add a couple drops of White Angelica & Gratitude essential oils on my wrists for the best kind of perfume.  Y’all.  Gratitude oil is the bombdiggity.  No more perfume for this girl.  Who needs perfume when you can have GRATITUDE instead?!!?

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9am—Home working with Rosemary and Purification in the diffuser.  Ahhhhhh! Motivation & Abundance oils on my feet as I start the work day. Sometimes I just ponder over my stash of goodies and pick something to try just for fun.  It’s my favorite obsession.


Noon—Hot tea with Lemon and Thieves essential oils, and honey.  Throw in some laundry (with our new Thieves laundry soap) and then a few drops each of Tangerine & Peace & Calming on the wool dryer balls.

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It’s 5 and I’m headed out to teach a healing oils of the Bible class so I made my “energy drink” of Ningxia Red (our super juice drink with the highest ORAC value of any food/drink in the world), Ningxia nitro, and sparkling water. I’ll add 3 drops of Orange oil to that. For focus and compassion and courage, I will apply Vetiver on the bottoms of my feet, White Angelica to my wrists, and Valor to the back of my neck, about 2 drops of each.  (Valor was used by the ancient Romans to give them courage and strength in battle and Vetiver is so good at supporting brain health and focus.)

10pm: Just got home from teaching and I have to say that teaching reminds me how grateful I am to have these products. They are SO AMAZING! And saying it out loud to a group of women is great reminder:)

I’ll use Progessence Plus (an wonderful, life-changing blend of wild yam progesterone, infused with Bergamot, spearmint, Frankincense and several other oils) tonight on my inner ankles and neck, along with Cedarwood & Lavender on the bottoms of the feet for a great night’s sleep.


I know, it seems like a lot of oils.  And it is.  But think of it this way—if you took that much medication in one day, you would not be very healthy.

That much oil in one day?  SO so good.

Before bed, I take Life 5 probiotics and Inner Defense supplements to keep boosting immunity during stressful weeks of travel/work.

It was a wonderful OILY day and so much fun to share how I’m using my products! Every single day looks a little different for me but that’s what makes this SO MUCH FUN!

Read more here about I went from being a family physician to a full time natural health enthusiast/wellness coach! 


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