you’ve never had a night’s sleep like this….{and a new decorating trend surely to take off!}

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I’m sitting here this morning thinking about what an amazing night’s sleep I got last night. [and the night before that and the night before that.]

I’ve been so bad at sleeping in my lifetime. When I was in medical school, I got in the habit of not sleeping much and then for the next 20 years wore it on my shirt like a badge of honor. “I don’t need much sleep,” I would proudly say, to anyone who wanted to hear how I had gotten up at 4am to bake or write or create something.

Then my body crashed about 3 years ago into the worst adrenal fatigue. My hormones went bonkers, I gained weight, I woke up exhausted and lived on caffeine and various forms of hidden sugar to get through the day.

It’s been a long journey of recovery, but finally sleeping well has been a huge key AND a huge indicator that my body is healing itself.

If you don’t sleep well, you’re not healthy. How do I know? That’s when your body heals itself. Poor sleep contributes to almost every major medical illness and it disrupts your hormones, kills your sex drive, causes weight gain and depression, severely affects your immune system and your ability to fight off infections, and dumbs you down.

(Those are ALL symptoms that I had when I was at the height of my sleep deprivation and adrenal fatigue.)

Enter essential oils.

I first started with Lavender and Cedarwood. I would take a Epsom salt bath with those oils before bed (and still do) and then put them in my diffuser and on the bottom of my big toe. Sleep was finally starting to be my friend. I also starting using Progessence Plus for my hormones and it helped a lot too.

I also love Peace & Calming and Valor for sleep. I tend to rotate.

But a few weeks ago, I started using RUTAVALA, the roll-on that’s been out of stock for 3 forevers.

Y’all. I canNOT even describe to you the level of deep sleep. What I can describe to you are the DREAMS. BE VERY AFRAID.

You know you’ve slept well and cycled through REM sleep when you dream and I’ve had some doozies.

I was spending the night with my SOON TO BE MARRIED niece, Hope, and admiring their newly furnished apartment. (Side note: I want to get married again, so I can make my kitchen HALF as cool as hers!!)

I walked into their apartment and thought, EVERYTHING is perfect! Except they need some house plants. You know, once they move in and everything.

That night, I used Rutavala on my big toes and had vivid dreams of trying to convince Hope that she should put potted plants at the head of her bed and let them vine up the headboard, like an old English cottage wall. She looked at me like I had potted plants growing out of my head. In my dreams of course.

I imagined that my new decorating trend would TOTALLY take off on Pinterest and we’d have Rutavala to thank. EVERYONE would finally see how awesome oils are, all because of vined headboard trend.

My point is not that you should put potted plants at the head of your bed and let them vine up your headboard, although if you do, please credit me and send me pics.

My point is, I’ve never slept like I’ve slept with Rutavala and you should totally try it!

Don’t get me wrong, I recommend good nutrition and exercise and all that jazz too, but sometimes fixing one thing gives you the energy and pizazz to fix the next thing.

Fix your sleep and who knows how awesome you’ll be in a few months. Or how crazy those dreams will get!!

Maybe we’ll start a thread in the sisterhood FB group about our dreams with Rutavala!!

This month, for only 9 more days, you can get Rutavala for FREE with a $250 order. (You would also get free Fennel and if that order’s on ER, you’d get free Thieves and Lavender too.)

AND!??! You can get the promos twice in a month. Once through your ER order and once through a quick order. So if you need to stock up, do it this month, so you can try this amazing DREAMY oil.

We are not sure yet when/if YL is going to make this oil available for purchase, but I love that we can get it for free with purchase this month.

I’d love to you know if you’ve tried it?!?!?


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