Our Brand New Starter Kit


I’m a family doctor on sabbatical from practice and I’ve used YL essential oils for a year in just about every circumstance you can imagine.  When they first started to work for me, I was sure it was some placebo effect or just pure luck or chance.  But the more I used them, the more interested I became. I started reading pubmed and discovering that there are thousands of journal articles documenting the power of essential oils as being effective in a wide variety of circumstances.  I joined Facebook groups and began reading what seemed like miracle stories of people getting well and feeling better than they ever had.   The more I used them and read about them, the more I became convinced that these medicinal grade essential oils were way more than just hype. These little drops of love were like designed by God to help us.

Over the past year, I have discovered that they are superb at promoting wellness, boosting your immunity, and removing toxins from your body.  The only thing you’re going to wish, when you finally decide to take the plunge, is that you would have taken it sooner! To read more of my personal story with the oils, go here.

If  you’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity to try them, you’ve come to the right place!  We have an amazing support system for helping you get started using essential oils and all of Young Living’s wonderful products.  You will enjoy the community atmosphere of our FB groups and access to all of our private classes and webinars.  These products are they superb for your body and your home.  I’ve gotten rid of 95% of my household cleaners—you know, the ones that give you asthma without proper ventilation!— and have replaced with pure, natural non toxic alternatives for a FRACTION of the cost.  Cleaning has never been more pleasant!

So whether you’re struggling with low energy level, hormone imbalance, a compromised immune system or just not feeling yourself, we have something for you!  And now is THE PERFECT opportunity to take advantage of a special we are running until early August where you can purchase our already deeply discounted starter kit for $150.  That’s $10 off the normal price which makes the value about $335 worth of products for $150.

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